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Upgrading Tomcat from 5.5.20 to 6.0.18
I recently upgraded tomcat from 5.5.20 to 6.0.18. It went smoothly because I practiced on another environment. I have a bunch of virtual hosts, so my config isn't just plain vanilla. There were a few things I had to adjust: Classpath differences in ...
Sep 25, 2008
9:56:00 PM
Using a Hauppauge PVR-150 to capture OTA DTV
So, this whole digital tv switchover has caused me to do some work. Here is a detailed description of what I had to do to get my PVR-150 to play nicely with an RCA DTA800.
Jun 25, 2008
6:47:00 AM
C Class web page archive
Here is an archive of a web site I put together for a C programming class I taught years ago. http://www.yanceyweb...
Jun 18, 2008
9:13:00 PM